Israel, Morocco agree to normalise relations in US-brokered deal
Morocco’s King Mohammed VI gives a speech in the capital Rabat

US President Donald Trump announced that Morocco and Israel had reached an agreement on full normalization of diplomatic relations between them, which would make Morocco the fourth Arab country to set aside hostility to Israel during the past four months.

“Another historic breakthrough today! Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco agreed to establish full diplomatic relations … a massive breakthrough for peace in the Middle East,” Trump wrote in a tweet on Thursday.

“Today I signed a declaration recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara,” he said.

He added

Morocco’s serious and realistic proposal for self-government is the only basis for a just and lasting solution for peace and prosperity.

He continued, “Morocco recognized the United States in 1777, and therefore it is appropriate that we recognize their sovereignty over Western Sahara.”

And Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen had revealed earlier that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Morocco are among the countries that are scheduled to establish relations with his country within the framework of a regional rapprochement initiated by US President Donald Trump.

Cohen said that

Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Morocco, and Niger are “on the agenda”.

“These are the five countries … If Trump’s policy continues, we will be able to reach additional agreements,” he added.



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