Brian Austin and Megan Fox
Brian Austin and Megan Fox
Tranquility and harmony do not always prevail between the divorced, even if they are united by common children who share among themselves fairly, caring for them and spending the most beautiful vacations with them. More Time With Her Boyfriend, So Did Megan Fox Really Do It?

Before the 34-year-old American Hollywood actress, Megan Fox, separated from her ex-husband, actor Brian Austin Green, and started a new love affair, the problems between her and him began returning to the media front.


She revealed that she does not like her children to be in the spotlight

And recently the exchanged verbal battles between them returned on social media, where actor Brian Austin accused the mother of his children Megan Fox of neglecting her three children, describing her as an “absent mother” and that she no longer cared about her children, and he published his photo with his son Gurney River (4 years old), They celebrate Halloween together on social media, and he commented, “I hope you all enjoyed Halloween,” but she did not remain silent, and practically denied his accusation by posting many pictures of her with them, and revealed that she does not like to show her children in front of the lights in public, and said: Brian took out the rest of the picture in the picture. She was with her children on Halloween, and she spent Halloween night with her children, and asked her words to Brian: “I know you love your children, but I don’t know why you don’t stop using them on Instagram.”

She added, “You are trying to establish my image as an absent mother, and you are the forever devoted father, and you have half the time to do that,” according to various media outlets.

Megan did not show any interest in the attack of her ex-husband, Brian, and did not let him spoil her enjoyment with her new lover, singer McCain, John Kelly, who watches with him constantly and is rarely seen alone without him, which indicates the seriousness of their emotional relationship.

Indeed, Megan Fox does not put many of her photos with her children on social networking sites and “Instagram”, which is followed by 9 million and 800 thousand people, except on very special occasions, including her celebration with her children on Halloween.

It is noteworthy that Megan Fox married Brian Austin Green in 2010, 6 years after their long love story, and their marriage resulted in the birth of three children: Nawat (7 years), Bodhi (6 years), and Gerny (3 years), and they separated in 2020 due to the impossibility of continuing. together.

Brian Austin Green, also the father of the fourth son from a previous relationship with actress Vanessa Marcel, is called “Cassius” and is 18 years old.


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