sexual harassment
Former analyst alleges harassment inside the FBI
An investigation by the Associated Press revealed that at least six high-ranking FBI officials have been accused of sexual harassment over the past five years, without any of them being punished.

Among the accusations against the officials was the accusation of an assistant director of the office of groping one of his subordinates while under the influence of alcohol, and another official left the office after being accused of harassing eight female employees and another was referred to retirement after he blackmailed an employee in order to establish a sexual relationship.

The report said that all the defendants avoided any punishment against them, as some of them were secretly transferred to other jobs within the office, or others were referred to retirement without losing their pensions and benefits, even those whose investigations proved the correctness of the charges against them.

One of the former analysts in the office, who alleges that an official licked her face during a farewell party for another colleague, says that the office is “hiding these things under the rug,” referring to hiding the accusations and the results of her investigations.

The former analyst, who identified herself as Becky, was forced to leave her office job and was later diagnosed with PTSD.

“As the premier law enforcement organization it is very frustrating when they allow people they know to be criminals to retire and pursue jobs in law enforcement fields,” she adds.

The recurring accusations of office officials led to demands from members of Congress to protect the whistleblowers of these incidents from male and female employees to find more facts about the officials ’sexual behavior.

The office responded to the agency’s investigation with a statement saying that its policy is “zero tolerance towards sexual harassment” and that the cases brought against supervisors led to their dismissal from their positions during the investigation and adjudication of cases.

Seventeen women have filed a lawsuit alleging systematic sexual harassment at the Bureau’s Training Academy in Virginia and accusing coaches of inviting trainees to their homes and publicly belittling them.

An extensive office investigation into the sexual misconduct of its employees counted 343 “crimes” during the period between 2009 and 2012, including three cases of “photographing women without their clothes without their consent.”


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