Laboratory processed chicken meat
Laboratory processed chicken meat

Synthetic chicken meat produced in a laboratory Saturday was presented for the first time in a Singapore restaurant, in what is considered a historic milestone for manufacturers who hope to reduce the impact of meat consumption on the world’s environment.

The startup “Eat Just” revealed in early December that the Food Security Agency in Singapore had authorized the sale of chicken pieces that it made in a laboratory from animal cells. The company announced on Wednesday that the first commercial sale of this meat will be in the “1880” restaurant located on an upscale street in Singapore.

A restaurant in Singapore starts serving laboratory-grown chicken meat
A restaurant in Singapore starts serving laboratory-grown chicken meat

The restaurant had already served this laboratory meat on Saturday night to teenagers between the ages of fourteen and eighteen and had been invited especially because of their “commitment to improving the state of the planet.”

The restaurant’s founder, Mark Nicholson, said introducing this artificial meat was “a revolutionary step in combating climate change, and in securing food for the world’s population without harming the planet.”

As for the founder of “Eat Just”, Josh Tetrick said that this step represents progress “towards a world in which the bulk of the meat that people will eat does not require the elimination of any forest, the displacement of any animal habitat or the use of any point of antibiotics.”

The company indicated that global meat consumption is expected to rise by 70% by 2050 and that laboratory meat may help meet the growing demand that, according to scientists, is playing a role in climate change. The intensive raising of livestock for the purposes of consuming their meat is a source of methane, a gas that exacerbates the greenhouse effect.

In some countries, such as Brazil, this sector is causing deforestation. The demand for dietary alternatives is increasing, but the products currently available are based on plant ingredients. Dozens of startups are working on synthetic meat projects around the world, but production is still under trial.


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