Congress building

The reactions of leaders of countries from around the world were issued to the unprecedented scenes in the United States on Wednesday when violent crowds loyal to US President Donald Trump stormed the Congress building and forced lawmakers into hiding.

While the representatives of the people were quick to hide under their offices, police officers tried to enter the building, to no avail, to reveal one of the most repulsive scenes in one of the components of American political power. The accident was a surprising attempt to reverse the results of the US presidential election.

The reactions ranged from anger to condemnation and assertion that democracy will prevail in the end.


Naturally, as expected, Moscow’s reaction was between sarcasm and criticism. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the outdated US electoral system does not meet the democratic standards, it said.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson described the scenes as disgraceful, tweeting on his Twitter account that it is now necessary to have a peaceful and orderly transfer of power for the benefit of President-elect Joe Biden and that the United States symbolizes democracy in the world.


For his part, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his country’s friendship and belief in the United States and said that what happened today in Washington does not reflect America’s image at all.



On Thursday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her “sadness” and “anger” and held the outgoing President Trump part of the responsibility.

Merkel announced to reporters that “doubts were fueled about the election results and created an atmosphere that paved the way for the events in Washington.”

In her remarks preceding Trump’s approval, Merkel said, “It is unfortunate that people have died in the events of this night, but I consider the continuation of Congress’s work this night a sign of hope.”
And she showed “great satisfaction to know that approval took place in Congress,” adding, “Joe Biden will be the next president, and this means that the democratic forces have prevailed.”
She said that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris “will open a new chapter in less than two weeks.”
As for German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, he condemned the violence, while European Parliament President David Sassoli said the incident was extremely worrying. Sassoli added that democratic votes should be respected and that the European Parliament is confident that the United States will protect the rules of democracy.

European Union

As for the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in the European Union, Joseph Borrell, he praised the words of US President-elect Joe Biden, saying that the strength of American democracy will triumph over the extremists.

Borrell added that American democracy appears under siege, describing the incident as an invisible attack on institutions and the rule of law in the United States. “This is not America,” said Borrell. “The results of the November 3 elections should be fully respected.”

Trump raised the mob after spending weeks falsely criticizing the results of the presidential election, urging his supporters to take to the streets of Washington to protest against the official congressional approval of Joe Biden’s victory.


As for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he described the events of the Capitol Building in Washington as a “disgraceful act,” calling for their strong condemnation.

“American democracy will triumph as it always has. It has always inspired me.”



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