"Infinite sorrows" .. Nostradamus' dreadful predictions in 2021
Nostradamus’ prophecies included with his book Les Propheties were popular

The predictions of the famous French astrologer Nostradamus preoccupy many people, especially with the end of the year 2020, which was difficult for the world on all levels.

Nostradamus wrote in his life 6,338 predictions, covering the years until the year 3797, but what he mentioned about the coming year 2021, will not please many, according to the British newspaper “The Sun” in a report that shed light on the prophecies of the controversial name, and the concern because of his transient expectations, which Check some of them.

In one of his prophecies for the year 2021, Nostradamus says that Russia will develop a biological weapon that produces viruses capable of transforming humanity into something like “zombies” in science fiction movies, meaning “half alive”.

Nostradamus also mentioned in a prophecy: “Fathers and mothers will die of endless sorrows, and mourning will prevail …”.

According to another prophecy of Nostradamus, the Earth will be severely damaged during the next year, as it will witness great solar storms.

And the famous astrologer expected that a comet would hit the earth or be very close to our planet, which would cause earthquakes and natural disasters, as he said: “We will see many fire and sparks in the sky.”

Nostradamus also said in one of his negative predictions for 2021 that a major earthquake would hit California, which he described as “the western lands in the New World,” according to the British newspaper.

Al-Arraf warned that 2021 will be more dangerous than this year, as he said: “After facing a big problem, the world will face another more dangerous. Famine, blood and fire that kindle the sky.”

The prophecies of Nostradamus included in his book Les Propheties were very popular, especially after his success in predicting the date of World War II, the rise of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, the fall of communism, and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, in allusions to these figures and events.



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