Indonesian plane crash in the Java Sea

Indonesia’s Ministry of Transport announced the loss of contact with a Boeing 737 on a domestic flight.

And Indonesian media said that parts of the wreckage were found north of Jakarta believed to be from the “Sriwijaya Air” plane, with which contact was lost.

Reports indicate that the ill-fated plane crashed into the Java Sea, with more than 60 people on board.

Indonesian media reported that the plane was carrying 5 children among the passengers, indicating that the plane that crashed was a type of 737-500, aged 27 years.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Transport in Indonesia, Edita Irawati, said that the company’s plane, which was on a flight “from Jakarta to Pontianak, carrying the call number + SJY182 +, was“ lost contact ”, explaining that its last call was recorded at 7:40 pm 40 GMT) and the company says it is investigating the accident.

And Indonesian media said that the ill-fated plane was carrying 56 passengers and 6 crew members.

The flight was a pilot from Jakarta to Pontianak in West Kalimantan, according to local media.

Sriwijaya Airlines commented on the information through a statement saying that it “is still gathering detailed information about the flight before announcing anything.”

Metro TV reported that the plane was carrying more than 56 people and 6 crew members and that it was a Boeing 737-500.



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