Indonesian fisherman (expressive image)
Indonesian fisherman (expressive image)

An Indonesian fisherman caught what experts say is “possibly a small Chinese submarine march”, in the waters of a strategic sea route between the South China Sea and Australia.

According to Indonesian media, the submarine (UUV) was found on December 20 near Slyar Island in South Sulawesi, and six days later it was delivered to the police and then to the Indonesian army.

Military professionals say that the Haiyi submarine was developed by the Shenyang Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is known to collect data including seawater temperature, salinity, and oxygen levels, and information about currents and direction of movement is sent directly to the user, according to To the British newspaper “The Guardian“.

According to the military site “Naval News”, the UUV data could be of great value for developing naval plans, especially with regard to submarine operations, as the more the Navy knew about the state of seawater it was able to hide its submarines.

Source: Agencies + Twitter


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