After the death of their neighbor Indians bring his body to the bank
After the death of their neighbor, Indians bring his body to the bank

After his death, Indians carried the body of a neighbor to the bank branch he used to deal with to demand the release of the funds needed to cremate his body, police announced Thursday.

Police told AFP that 55-year-old Mahesh Yadav died alone Tuesday morning in his village in the eastern state of Bihar, after a long illness. Neighbors found the body of the man, a familyless agricultural worker, hours after his death.

The villagers searched, in vain, at home for any valuable possessions that would provide the funds needed to conduct the funeral, until they found a book for his bank account revealing an amount of nearly $ 1,600 in his savings.

And in the afternoon of the same day, these neighbors carried the savings book and the man’s body to the bank, where they lay down until the branch manager agreed to pay the amount required to complete the cremation, according to Amrindar Kumar, a local police officer.

“The bank finally agreed, under pressure, to pay the amount, following the intervention of the local police,” said Kumar.

Shakuntala Davina, a neighbor of the deceased, explained that the deceased did not own any land and did not receive any government aid.

“He had no one to take care of during the suffering he had been living through for months. We were preparing ready-made dishes and other things for him,” she added.

The director of the aforementioned bank, Sanjeev Kumar, told AFP that this unusual situation caused a state of panic in the branch.

“This is unprecedented. After an hour, I gave them a sum of money
($ 135), and they finally left with the body toward the cremation site,” he said.


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