Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen

While thousands of people in Europe and the Arab world appear from the multinational Chinese, Russian, and American Coronavirus vaccines, some officials and celebrities express their great confidence in science and in the conscience of research scientists who cannot provide an unsafe vaccine, and they believe that the vaccine despite its temporary symptoms is the strongest option to overcome

The global danger of the virus, and one of this British actor Ian McKellen, the hero of “Lord of the Rings”.

According to the media, British actor, Ian McKellan expressed his joy and happiness after receiving the first dose of the “Pfizer” vaccine against the emerging coronavirus.

The British National Health Authority, which is responsible for managing the comprehensive vaccination program against the emerging “Corona” virus in Britain, published several photos of the 81-year-old actor Ian McKellen, wearing a blue shirt and a rainbow scarf, as he raised his thumb in a sign of satisfaction When receiving the first dose of the vaccine.

“It is a very special day, I feel joy,” Ian McKellen was quoted as saying in a National Health Authority publication that he posted on Twitter.


Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen

He continued: “I will not hesitate to recommend the vaccine to anyone. I feel very lucky that I received the vaccination.”

Ian McKellen also urged everyone who can get the vaccine to do so.

McKellen’s tweet was welcomed and appreciated by his followers on his Twitter account, which has more than 4 million followers.

Most famous of his roles

Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen

Among the most famous roles of Ian McKellen on the movie screen is his portrayal of the magician “Gandalf” in the fictional series “Lord of the Rings” and the role of the villain “Magneto” in the superhero films “X-Men”.


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