French police in Toulouse

 The arrest of three women after being caught in the process of hanging offensive pictures of the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, in the city of  Toulouse southwest of France Monday evening. The incident coincided with the massive interactions that the country is noticing after the murder of a teacher who showed his learners’ similar pictures.

According to the French news agency, whereby they described these women as feminist activists, each one of them took a glue bucket, and hundreds of papers with the same caricatures, and started sticking them in the streets of the city in an attempt to “flood the city of Toulouse” with a thousand caricatures stressing upon their “right to blasphemy” based on what they said.

Quickly their actions grasped the pedestrians’ attention by some of whom tried to know what is it about and for what reason they are doing this, while others attacked them, but they continued to attach the drawings.

One of the women who did not accept to say her real name, said to the French news agency “we have to finish this swiftly because what we’re doing is a dangerous task, and we are not here to hold a press conference”.

But after just half an hour, the police arrested them and lead them to the police station in charge of “illegally hanging posters”, especially in an archeological site.

A campaign on Islamic Groups

This incident came only a few hours after interior Minister Gerard Darmanan declared that he had commanded to close a Mosque in the suburbs of Paris after he shared, a video on his page criticizing the display of insulting pictures of the messenger peace be upon him, by the teacher who was slaughtered on Friday.

The release of a campaign against  Islamic members and groups last Monday by the authorities, promising of “a war against the enemies of the Democracy” based on their expressions.

The interior Minister argued that the operations’ target is not necessarily about the History teacher Samuel Paty, but it carries a message that says” we will not let the enemy of democracy rest a single minute “

Paty (47 years old)  the History teacher has been killed next to a school he was teaching at, in a calm neighborhood in Conflans-Saint-Honorine west of Paris.

The police shot the murderer, who is an 18year-old  Chenchen teenager refugee named Abdullah



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