Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges

American actor Jeff Bridges, 70, announced Monday via Twitter that he is undergoing treatment for lymphoma (lymphoma) cancer.

During announcing the news to his followers, Bridges used a phrase that made known to his character “The Dodd” in the famous “The Big Liposky” movie by the Coen brothers, to signify the existence of new bad news.

“I have been diagnosed with lymphoma. Although this disease is serious, I am fortunate to have a wonderful medical staff around me and the medical outlook is good,” the tweet reads.

The representative ended his tweet, saying, “I have started treatment and I will keep you informed of developments in my health condition.”

Jeff Bridges has been nominated for the Oscars seven times, winning one of them in the “Best Actor” category in 2010 for his role in “Crazy Heart“.

Bridges also appeared recently in the movie “Bad Times at the El Royale” in 2018, and he is currently filming a TV series for “FX” called “The Old Man,” a work adapted from an espionage novel in which he plays a retired CIA agent (CIA) trying to get away from his past.



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