The new Adidas weave robots shoe (Adidas)

As part of the race for major international shoe manufacturers to design shoes more efficiently using the latest technology, Adidas recently unveiled a sneaker that was manufactured with an innovative technology based on robots that use advanced software designed specifically to weave its upper part with a thread.

This technology allows the new shoe to be designed based on the user’s data regarding movement, and other conditions surrounding the runner while running.


Robot fabric

For the past three years, the racing world has been obsessed with one technology: carbon fiber panels. Today they are used by nearly all running shoe manufacturers to manufacture the soles of their high-performance footwear.

But as sports companies race to include carbon panels in their sneakers, the textile material at the top of the sneakers has been neglected.

Meanwhile, Adidas has worked with a 3D printing company, software engineers, and athletes, to develop an entirely new method for creating the upper part of the shoe. The technique is called Futurecraft Strung, in which a robot weaves more than a thousand strings at curved corners around the bottom of a shoe or sole.

To create this stringy board, specialized robots were built, software design, and high-resolution scans made of how runners’ feet moved while running. With 10 different spools of yarn attached to it, the robot can weave the upper part of the shoe based on digital designs.

Strings are woven directly onto the sole of the new Adidas sneakers.

These designs rely on behavioral data, such as a runner’s speed, his runner’s method, and the conditions surrounding him during a race, which are combined with other data about foot movement to help determine where each strand should be placed.

This means that every shoe designed in the future will be based on the exact size of its user, and different from others according to this data.

This new technology will be initially devoted, according to a company statement, to manufacturing high-performance running shoes that are expected to be put on the market in late 2021 or early 2022, and the company is currently looking into how to use it with other products it manufactures.


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