French CRS police (Compagnies Republicaines de Securite) stand in front of a middle school in Conflans Saint-Honorine, 30kms northwest of Paris, on October 17, 2020, as flowers are displayed after a teacher was decapitated by an attacker who has been shot dead by policemen.

On Friday, the French police announced that they had shot dead a young man who had slaughtered a teacher minutes earlier in a preparatory school on the outskirts of the capital, Paris, after he showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, in a class on freedom of expression.

The teacher (47 years) showed pictures of the Prophet that had been published by Charlie Hebdo magazine and informed the Muslim students before showing the pictures and allowed them to leave the class if they did not want to watch, adding that a number of the students’ parents complained to the school administration, and then the teacher later apologized and admitted that he addressed this Subject matter and what he had to do that.

The French counterterrorism prosecutor said he was investigating the attack in the Conflans-Saint-Honorine suburb northwest of Paris.

A police patrol spotted the suspect attacker (aged less than 20 years) carrying a knife a short distance from the site of the attack, and a police spokesman said that they had shot the suspect and killed him, and the killer had posted a picture of the victim.

A police source said that witnesses heard the attacker chanting “God is great.” The police spokesman said that this information is being verified.

French President Emmanuel Macron is visiting the crime scene, and the Minister of the Interior has cut short a visit to him outside the country.

Late last month, a migrant from Pakistan injured two people after attacking them with a machete outside the former headquarters of Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, which published insulting cartoons of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Accused of killing two journalists in the magazine who had published cartoons insulting the Prophet in 2015 are on trial.


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