Horrific scenes recorded by cameras of the Nashville explosion in America ... video
The explosion in downtown Nashville, USA December 25, 2020

The American media circulated video clips documenting the moments of the explosion that occurred in the center of Nashville, which is believed to be a deliberate act.

Video footage recorded by CCTV lenses in a house shows glass blowing off due to the pressure of the big explosion and causing severe damage inside homes.

Another video published by a US agency on “YouTube” shows that there are fires inside the buildings near the site of the explosion, and the screams of citizens can be heard in the area.

A citizen’s voice is heard crying, “Help … Help!”, With the sounds of ambulances and police who cordoned off the place.

A spokesperson for the Nashville Metro Police said officials believe the explosion that occurred on Christmas morning (Friday) in downtown Nashville was an intentional act.

In a brief press conference on Friday morning, spokesman Don Aaron said that the Police Hazardous Services Unit was heading to the city center in response to a report about a suspicious car when there was a “big explosion” in it, adding: “We believe the explosion was deliberate.”

Aaron said the incident is under investigation by multiple agencies, both local and federal, including the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Police and Highway Patrol in Tennessee are enforcing district closures for investigation, and highway access through the vicinity will be restricted, according to a police spokesman.


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