His fortune will not decline even if he gives "105 thousand dollars as a gift to every employee in his company."

American economist Robert Reich, who also served as labor secretary under President Bill Clinton, said the fortune of Amazon founder and owner Jeff Bezos would remain as it was before the pandemic even if he offered $ 105,000 to each employee.

The number of Amazon employees is about 780,000, according to an official census that dates back to last year.

Reich, who belongs to the Democratic Party, came in the context of explaining a bill pushed by Democrats to impose greater taxes on America’s wealthy, intending to compensate for the economic losses caused by Covid-19.

“If this (Bezos’ wealth) doesn’t convince you of the need to tax wealth, I don’t know what will convince you,” Reich wrote.


According to a report issued by the American Institute for Policy Studies (IPC), the wealth of the richest people in the United States, that is, 643 people, has increased by 845 billion dollars since the date of March 18.

In parallel, 50 million Americans lost their jobs.

Reich believes that there is an urgent need to tax wealth to repair the gap in growing inequality in the United States. In his view, “American capitalism is derailed.”

In a tweet, Reich says that Elon Musk “made a fortune of $ 10 billion yesterday, at the same time depriving 30 million Americans of an unemployment grant of $ 600, 23 million without health insurance, and 13 million – others – hungry.”

Sanders and Omar Project
Democratic Senators Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar have submitted a bill to “Make the billionaires pay” that provides for a one-time tax of 60 percent on profits made by tech-rich people from March 18 until the end of this year.

If this law is implemented, the US Treasury will deduct 42.8 billion dollars from Jeff Bezos’ profits and 27.5 billion dollars from Elon Musk’s profits, which will contribute to covering health care costs.


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