Heavy deployment of the US Army in Washington after the storming of Congress
Heavy deployment of the US Army in Washington after the storming of Congress

Acting US Defense Secretary Christopher Miller confirmed that his forces are fully deployed in Washington, DC, to assist federal and local law enforcement forces in restoring security to the city.

The Pentagon calls on the National Guard to support the police in the face of the protests in Washington
He indicated that the measure took place after supporters of US President Donald Trump stormed the Congress building in protests against his meeting to announce the results of the presidential elections.

He added, “I spoke with Chief of Staff Mark Miller, Vice President Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, leaders of the Democratic and Republican majority, and a number of responsible figures in the country about the situation on the Capitol.”

And the American media confirmed that an explosive device was found in front of the headquarters of the Republican and Democratic parties, while the security forces evacuated the site of its workers.

Washington is witnessing massive protests by supporters of President Trump, who, after gathering in the vicinity of the White House, went to the Congress building in conjunction with the House and Senate holding a joint session to approve the results of the vote in the presidential elections.

They broke through the security barriers surrounding the Capitol building and occupied Biden’s stage.

Source: RT


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