"He put his tongue on my neck" A former model accuses Trump of assaulting her

On Thursday, a former model and actress revealed that she was sexually assaulted by US President Donald Trump about 23 years ago.

Amy Dorries stated in an interview with The Guardian that the current president of the United States tried to forcibly kiss her on September 5, 1997, while she was attending the US Open tennis tournament in New York.

In the details, Amy, who was 24 years old at the time, says that she was in the VIP suite (VIP), where Donald Trump was accompanied by his close companion at the time Jason Benn, in addition to many other people.

“At first I thought he was waiting to go to the bathroom, but unfortunately he was not,” Amy says, the moment she went to the toilet and found Donald Trump waiting for her at the exit.

She added, “He put his tongue on my neck and pushed it away ….” She adds that he also put his tongue in her mouth while trying to stop him “… He was hugging me tightly and touching me everywhere, on my ass, my chest and my back everywhere,” describing his fist was Like an octopus.

Amy finally managed to push him away but explained that she was “shocked” by what happened to her. “I felt attacked, of course. But I couldn’t realize it, so I just tried to start talking to everyone again and have a good time,” she says.
She stated that she had warned many people (of Donald Trump), including her mother and a friend who lives in New York City, after the alleged incident.

"He put his tongue on my neck" A former model accuses Trump of assaulting her

Donald Trump’s lawyers vehemently rejected the model’s accusations of sexual assault, arguing that any inappropriate behavior on Trump’s part during the then-Open Championship could have been noticed by the many witnesses there.

And they indicated that the accusations that were revealed a few weeks before the first round of the US presidential elections could be driven by political reasons. However, The Guardian explained that she took Amy Dorries’ testimony 15 months ago and waited for their interviewer to feel ready to share it by publishing it.




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