The hacker group published driver licenses and other personal data that it claimed were clients of “sherbert”.

The “hackers” who hacked into personal data from the Israeli insurance company, sherbert“, demanded to obtain about one million dollars in exchange for not publishing the information, “according to” The Times of Israel. “

And the “Black Shadow” hacker group indicated earlier that “if the required amount, amounting to 50 Bitcoin ($ 950,000), is not transferred to its account, within 24 hours, it will publish or sell the data, and they also threatened that the amount will double to 100 Bitcoin after 24 hours, 200 Bitcoin after another 24 hours, and they threatened to sell the data to a third party after 72 hours, unless they received the money, according to “The Times of Israel.”

The hacker group published driving licenses and other personal data that it claimed were for “sherbert” customers, to prove their possession of the data.

For its part, the company announced that it is aware of this request, and pointed out that “a team of experts and others are studying the implications of the hackers’ announcement, and at the same time, the company is preparing to resume its activities in a safe and secure manner, according to the Israeli Kan channel.

Both the Israeli Financial Markets Authority and the National Cybersecurity Authority in Israel had confirmed, in a statement, that a cyber attack had occurred on the sherbert insurance company, and that information was leaked in the hacking process. An attack on the company’s servers. ”

The statement also announced that the preliminary investigation concluded that the matter “relates to information related to the clients’ insurance details,” stressing that the investigation “is still ongoing.”

Israeli officials stated that “although personal information was stolen, it did not include credit card details.”

sherbert is a company that specializes in real estate, car, and travel insurance.

Source: “The Times of Israel.”


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