Turkish media reports revealed that Greece conducted tests on firing missiles from the Russian “S-300” anti-air system, in the presence of American, German, and Dutch military personnel.

On Sunday, Turkish media reported that Greece conducted tests on the Russian system at a firing range on the island of Crete in the eastern Mediterranean, near the coast of Turkey, between 23 and 27 November, noting that the tests were conducted in the presence of military personnel from the armies. The American, German and Dutch, despite Washington and NATO’s strong opposition to Turkey’s acquisition of the Russian “S-400” system.

Greek media had previously revealed that Athens had already conducted training and tests on launching missiles from the Russian system, from NATO’s “Khanate” field in Crete and that the test was carried out in the presence of most of the military attaches accredited to Athens.

Greece had acquired the Russian system from Cyprus, which it bought and was unable to activate due to Turkish threats, as Cyprus was forced in 1997 to give up the system in favor of Greece, in exchange for weapons and other military equipment.

Before the start of the recent Greek experiment, the Turkish Anadolu Agency quoted military sources as saying that “what Greece intends to do constitutes a serious air and missile threat facing Turkey,” and that “the silence of those who raise their voices against Turkey (referring to the United States and NATO) regarding Greece’s activities in this regard is remarkable. ”

Source: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Newspaper


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