Google recently launched the “breakout rooms” service as part of the new services launched by the company to help combat the Coronavirus. It is a separate room service in the video call application “Google Meet“, which will help students in the learning process. Remotely.

According to Yahoo News, the separate room service will allow students to be divided into large numbers while they are receiving lessons, especially young children, and also for classes that contain large numbers of students.

The separate room service allows teachers to observe and discuss a small group of students and move to another through video conferencing, and to interact with students better, allowing for a better quality of education in the light of distance learning.

Separate room service allows video conference participants to create up to 100 separate rooms per call, and distribute them randomly and of equal number, and teachers or lecturers can manually distribute rooms if necessary.

Separate room service will be available to Enterprise for Education customers within days, and Google will start launching it after that for users around the world.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, at the beginning of the current world, Google has converted all paid video calling applications to free for users on “Android” phones, as well as “iOS”; To facilitate communication for users in light of social distancing, due to the epidemic.

You have also included the “Google Meet” application within the “Gmail” email application; To make it easier for home-based employees to conduct video conferences and meetings through the app.


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