One Linden mother says her young son with Asperger’s syndrome was having a mental attack

She told reporters outside Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City on Monday, September 7, 2020. Her 13-year-old son Linden Cameron, who suffers from Asperger Syndrome, was injured multiple times while running away from officers on September 4, in Stuart Johnson.
The mother still wants an answer as to why the police shot her 13-year-old son.

The child’s mother explained that there are several ways to deal with the situation. They can wait until it calms down afterward, they can catch and deal with it.
Medical reports indicate that Linden was 13 years old. He was injured several times and “injuries to his shoulder, ankles, intestines, and bladder, but his recovery is likely to belong and requires multiple types of treatment.”

Linden was shot Friday night after receiving a summons from Salt Lake Police to District 500 South and Navajo Street (1335 West). According to a police statement, the officers responded in a report about a “violent psychological problem” event. After calling Linden, the boy fled from the officers.

Shortly thereafter, shots were fired. Salt Lake Police Sergeant. Keith Horrocks told reporters at the scene that night that the boy “threatened some people with a weapon,” but also stated that he did not believe any weapons had been found from the scene.
According to city policy, Salt Lake Police are required to release a video of the body camera to the public within 10 business days of a serious accident involving the officer.

“When people call the police, we expect a compassionate and professional judgment, especially when it comes to a child with cognitive disabilities. We feel terrible for Linden and his family. Unfortunately, the use of force intense situations where a more effective non-lethal de-escalation approach causes a lot of damage to the relationship. Between law enforcement and the people who serve them.

Salt Lake Mayor Irene Mindenhall said she expects that “this investigation will be dealt with swiftly and transparently for the benefit of all parties concerned.”

Lawmakers have also called for a prompt and transparent investigation.
Senator Luz Escamilla and Representative Angela Romero and Sandra Hollins issued a joint statement on Wednesday, saying they were “extremely concerned” about the incident.

“We want our first responders to be as prepared as possible to address situations that involve our most vulnerable populations.”

I said: Do you know what? We need treatment, we need help, so let’s call these people, they said they would help us. “So we got this specialist officer, they said they’d come to help us. I said, ‘Can you please take my son to elementary school?”

But Barton said Linden also feared police officers in uniform because his grandfather was shot dead by police in January. In that incident, three lawmakers from Lyon County, Nevada, shot Owen Barton after threatening a neighbor with a handgun, according to news reports from Reno.

Barton said that when she got home, she parked her car on the street from her house because she didn’t want to excite her son any more with her presence. She said she explained in detail to the messengers that her son was grieving and was having a psychotic episode and that she just needed to be taken to the hospital.
When the officers arrived and confronted Linden, he ran.

“They scared him, and he ran, and he jumped off the fence,” Barton said.

At that point, Barton said she believed the police should have let her son go. Instead, they ran after him.

“Why are you chasing him?” She asked. “Let him run out and calm down.”

Neither Barton nor her 17-year-old son Wesley believed Linden possessed any weapons.

“Absolutely. He was afraid.” She said.

The shooting took place on the sidewalk along Navajo Street. In a separate interview with KUTV, Barton said that a witness who told her that another officer who was with the person who fired his gun could be seen holding his head in disbelief and saying out loud, “He’s just a kid, so what are you doing?
Salt Lake Police say all of their patrol officers receive crisis intervention training. But the ministry only has two or three full-time members of the Crisis Intervention Team, and none of them were working at the time of Friday’s incident.
Linden’s brother Wesley Barton thinks police need more training in how to deal with people with mental health issues.

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Police shot a 13-year-old boy who was suffering from a mental health epileptic seizure. The police were called because help was needed but instead more hurt occurred when officers from the SLPD expected a 13-year-old psychopath to act more calmly and be collected from trained adult officers. When you are undergoing a mental health crisis, your ability to think rationally and respond immediately is affected. ”



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