death penalty
The bed used for lethal injection executions in Oklahoma.
The Commissioner for Human Rights in the German government, Bärbel Kofler, said that her country called on the US authorities to abandon the death penalty and return to a moratorium on executions.

She added, “I am very sorry about the five planned and eight executions carried out by federal authorities in the United States in recent months. The death penalty in the United States goes against global trends.”

“The number of countries abolishing the death penalty is increasing. Fewer than 60 countries still committed to the death penalty. That is why I call on the United States government to stop executions and return to the suspension of executions,” she said.

“The German government rejects the death penalty as a form of cruel and inhuman punishment under all circumstances. Therefore, we have been fighting with our European Union partners for many years to have it abolished all over the world,” she added.

Source: Novosti


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