Germany: arrest of Mohamed Ramo, accused of stealing "priceless" treasure

German police have arrested a young man, Mohamed Ramo of Lebanese origin, accused of stealing a treasure that is described as “priceless”.

The “BBC” website, today, Thursday, said that one of the twins wanted, for a massive theft, was arrested for some of the largest treasures in Europe.

The website quoted police sources as saying that Muhammad Ramo, 21, was arrested in Berlin on Monday evening.

She indicated that the search is still underway for his twin, Abdul Majeed Ramo.

According to the site, Ramo is the fourth suspect to be arrested in connection with the crime of theft that took place at the Green Vault Museum in Dresden in 2019.

The five suspects in the crime are facing charges of mass-theft of more than 12 pieces from the museum encrusted with diamonds, and charges of arson.

Officials say it is impossible to estimate the value of the stolen items, as they are described as “priceless”.

It is reported that the ruler of Saxony, Augustus the Strong, had founded this collection in 1723, and later placed it in a museum that is one of the oldest museums in the world.


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