Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler
Senator Kelly Loeffler

A Republican senator running in the crucial elections in the US state of Georgia has quarantined itself on Saturday for possible infection with the Covid-19 epidemic, according to what its campaign announced.

On Friday, Kelly Loeffler continued her campaign with Vice President Mike Pence as well as David Purdue, another Republican senator from Georgia, for re-election in the second round of voting on January 5, and this election will decide whether Republicans or Democrats will control the Senate.

Loeffler’s campaign said in a statement that it had undergone a rapid test and a BCR test on Friday morning… The statement stated, “The results of the Covid-19 rapid test were negative and it was allowed to attend Friday’s events.”

He continued, “I was informed later on Friday evening after the end of the activities that the PCR test result was positive, but it was examined again on Saturday morning after consulting with medical officials, but the results were inconclusive on Saturday evening.”

The statement pointed out that the senator has not shown any symptoms and will continue to quarantine until she receives conclusive results, and Loeffler is running in the elections against Democrat Raphael Warnock.


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