fungus growth within a man's blood veins. Case is the first in the world

The medical community recorded an incident that was the first of its kind in the world after a fungus growth within a man’s blood vessels.

A 22-year-old American man was hospitalized for an emergency and was admitted to intensive care for eight days under direct medical supervision due to a serious condition in his body.

According to the scientific journal Life Science, the man has suffered a general organ failure and is still being treated with a long-term regimen of antibiotics and antifungal drugs.

According to the newspaper, the 30-year-old patient had hoped to alleviate symptoms of bipolar disorder (a mental health condition) and dependence on opiates by injecting mushrooms into the bloodstream.

The man boiled the mushrooms “mushroom tea”, and then filtered it by pulling it through a “cotton piece” before injecting it into his body.

Days later, the man became inactive and nauseous, and his skin began to yellow, after which symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting began to vomit, after which he was treated to hospital.

The organs of the body began to fail like the kidney and liver, and the man was transferred to the intensive care unit, where a blood test found a microbial bacterium called “Brevibacillus”, a fungal infection, which confirmed to doctors that the fungus that the man injected himself was growing inside the blood vessels.

Some incorrect online publications about a “magical innate” recipe for the treatment of certain diseases, including the one suffered by men, have caused the problem.

The scientific journal noted the need for comprehensive awareness about the dangers of these inaccurate publications, which could cause many health problems.



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