Nashville bomber
The suicide bomber Anthony Warner

A woman who said she was a friend of the man who carried out the Nashville bomber revealed that she told police last year that her boyfriend was making bombs in an RV, according to documents provided by the City Police Department to CNN.

A friend of the Nashville bomber told police in 2019 that he was making explosives
CNN reported that on August 21, 2019, police received a call from a lawyer representing Pamela Berry, the woman who said she was a friend of suicide bomber Anthony Warner and said the latter was threatening suicide.

When the police reached Perry’s home, they found two empty handguns belonging to Warner, then told the officers that Warner was “making bombs in an RV near his home.”

As a result, the police went to Warner’s house, but he did not open the door for them. The police said that because there was no evidence of a crime, they had no authority to enter his home.

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An explosion shakes downtown Nashville

The Mayor of Nashville, John Cooper, confirmed that the powerful explosion, which rocked the city on Christmas Day, was caused by the deliberate detonation of a bomb.

The police indicated that the explosion was caused by a housing vehicle and it was most likely an intentional act, indicating that when the officers arrived at the scene early that morning, they found an RV with a “sound recording” saying that the car would explode within 15 minutes and requesting People move away from the area.


Source: RT + CNN


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