French police
French police

French police have arrested a man who, in recent days, has made threats against teachers at a school in the municipality of Athis-Mons, near Paris.

French police arrest a man threatening teachers with revenge France mourns the priest who was massacred amid tight security measures
French police storm a church in Nice after 3 people were killed in a knife attack
The Parisian newspaper said that a school teacher filed a complaint with the police last Monday evening, saying that she saw a man running in front of the school and shouting, threatening “to avenge God and the Prophet Muhammad,” and was repeating the phrase: “The teachers will pay a price.”

This incident comes two weeks after a young man slaughtered a teacher in the suburbs of Paris after the teacher displayed a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad during the chapter on freedom of expression.

Last weekend, France also witnessed a terrorist attack in front of a church in Nice, leaving 3 people dead.


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