In the past few days, orders have begun to flock to Froilabo, the only French supplier of freezers capable of securing safe storage of new Covid-19 vaccines at -86 degrees Celsius, forcing the company and those involved to increase productivity to meet the increase in demand.

“We will export goods to all parts of the world. A large part of it will be distributed in France, about 40-50% of our sales go inside France and the rest is exported abroad. We can go to Asian markets,” says the financial director of “Froilabo“, Tony Grandmenel. To America and many European countries as well. ”

In a related context, Christophe Roux, managing director of the company located in the city of Mezieu near Lyon, confirmed that “in the pre-vaccination period, there was also an increased demand for storing biological samples, especially those related to Covid-19.” “We have been able to prepare a program to increase our production capacity for several months, and this matter will be intensified in the coming months,” he added.


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