FRANCE: Demonstrators from the yellow vests return to protests again, despite the Corona pandemic.

The anti-government “yellow vests” protest movement in France resumed its demonstrations by organizing a series of protests and marches in the streets of Paris and many other French cities. The protest movement had stopped due to the closure imposed by the French authorities during their measures to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus. This Saturday’s protests are the first of their kind since last March, which some considered it a test for President Emmanuel Macron and his new Prime Minister Jean Castex.

And One of the demonstrators declares: “I was the first who have participated in the yellow vest demonstrations because we no longer have freedom or purchasing power Everyone is complaining.

Another protester confirmed: “We continue going out to the street because we need our voice to be heard, We tried to be nicer but today the results have not been achieved,  and things are getting worse.

The Police Department in the capital of France, Paris, has granted permission to organize two demonstrations at a distance from the Champs-Elysées, the first in Place “de la Bourse” and the second in Place “Fagramme” which is near the Champs-Elysées

According to security sources, about 154 people were arrested, and 27 of them remained in detention for further questioning.

The police had expected the participation of more than 4 thousand demonstrators in Paris, against the backdrop of the participation of protesters from the “Black Block” movement.

It is noteworthy that the “yellow jackets” protest movement was organizing protest marches

every Saturday, for  70 weeks, until the state of closure began to combat the Covid-19 epidemic.



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