"Fox News": "Facebook" has created tools to spy on users of social networking sites
US Senate Hearing on the Role of Social Media

“Fox News” broadcaster Tucker Carlson said that “Facebook” has developed tools that enable it to spy on users of social networking sites, and coordinate surveillance policy with “Twitter” and “Google”.

In his program, Carlson commented on the appearance of the heads of the boards of directors of “Facebook” and “Twitter”, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, on Tuesday, at the second hearing before a committee in the US Senate in less than a month, about the role of social networks in the public debate in the states United.

The broadcaster reported a conversation that took place between Senator Josh Holly and Zuckerberg, about Centra, a tool believed to be created by Facebook to access the personal database of millions of users, including the pages they visit and their Facebook accounts, which allows the company to spy on Internet users, even if they do not use Facebook directly.

The journalist mentioned that Zuckerberg evaded answering Senator Holly’s question about the number of accounts that were analyzed and suspended by Centra in the United States. The company director said, “I do not know, Senator, because the name of this tool is strange to me. I am sure that we have tools that allow us to work on our platform, but this name is unknown to me.”

Carlson expressed his doubts about the sincerity of the founder of “Facebook”, noting that the company spokesman recently admitted that Centra is a tool that already exists and is used to “facilitate investigations into complex topics such as improper coordinated behaviors.”

The journalist described Centra as “a far-reaching consequence of the fabricated story about Russia,” referring to allegations about Moscow’s interference in the 2016 US presidential elections. He added that the talk is not about a single secret spying mechanism in Facebook’s arsenal, as there is also a program. Tasks, which, according to Senator Holly, facilitates company officials “to communicate with their counterparts on Twitter and Google”, within the framework of exchanging views and ideas on the use of censorship methods in social networking sites, under the coordination of “Facebook”.


Source: RT


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