Melania Trump
Melania Trump

The first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, broke her silence and made a comment for the first time on the violence in the Congress building, which was stormed by supporters of her husband, the outgoing president, Donald Trump, to launch a ferocious attack in an official statement.

On Wednesday, hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, during the official announcement session that Joe Biden had won the presidency of the United States, after Trump called on them to go there and demonstrate, in an incident that killed 6 people.

Melania Trump broke her silence in an official statement posted on the White House website and her Twitter account, Monday, saying: “I am disappointed and frustrated at what happened last week. I find it shameful that she is surrounded by such tragic events, gossip, unjustified personal attacks, and false and misleading accusations. About me, of people who aspire to be relevant and have an agenda. ”

She added, “This time (the focus should be) on healing our country and its citizens, they should not be used for personal gain.”

Melania expressed her “strong condemnation” of the violence that broke out in the Capitol building, appealing to people: “Not to make assumptions based on a person’s skin color, or to use different political ideologies as a basis for aggression and evil,” according to NBC News.

The first lady also urged people to “focus on what unites Americans, not what divides Americans,” adding: “It is inspiring to see that many have found passion and enthusiasm for participating in the elections, but we must not allow this passion to turn into violence.”

And she continued, “It is an honor for my life to be the first lady.” However, she did not address the accusations against her husband of causing the violence that erupted on the Capitol, nor the attempts of senior politicians to impeach him before his last day in office, which is Biden’s inauguration on January 20.


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