The first comment from the Brazilian model after putting the Pope's “Like” account on a sexy photo of her

The Grand Prix’s Instagram account liked a photo of a Brazilian model in a controversial pose.

A picture of the model Natalia Garibotto wearing a sexy costume, where the pioneers of social networking described the dress as “a very bold schoolgirl outfit” against the background of the very short skirt and the shirt that appears below the belly of the owner of the picture.

Notice of “liking” on the private account of the Pope did not go unnoticed on “Instagram”, which made some take the picture with the feature of liking to re-post it on social networking sites, according to the French “Euro News”.

And for your information, according to the French site, everything can be known and seen on Instagram, especially if someone “liked” a specific image or content, so the matter did not go unnoticed with the Brazilian model’s photo and the Pope’s account, which includes more than 7 million A subscriber, at the end of the week a “red heart” appeared on the Pope’s private account as a mention of admiring the picture that its owner posted on Twitter on October 5th, and she tweeted, “At least I will go to heaven.”

Perhaps this “communication” error did not come from Pope Francis himself. People are often assigned to manage the content of accounts on social media, especially when it comes to the account of the Pope, which is watched by millions, and thus matters may have confused one of those charged with the content and a mistake between his account And the account of Pope Francis.

“Fides” news agency reported that the Vatican has launched an internal investigation into the reasons for the admiration of the official account of Pope Francis for a blatant image of a Brazilian model.

The Catholic News Agency quoted close sources as saying that the Pope’s profile on “Instagram”, where this matter, like other social media sites, happened, is managed by a group of employees.

These sources indicated that he opened an investigation “to find out how the like mark was placed.” On November 13, an account of the Pope on “Instagram” placed a liking mark on the image of Brazilian model Natalia Gaributo.

The first comment from the Brazilian model after putting the Pope's “Like” account on a sexy photo of her

Activists on the Internet and Al Wasl social sites monitored the event and reported that Pope Francis admired the image of a girl in an uncovered school uniform.

The sign of admiration soon disappeared from the Pope’s official account, and the Vatican declined to comment on the incident.

It was reported in this regard that the Brazilian model does not follow the Pope’s account, and Pope Francis does not follow any other accounts on “Instagram”.

And the Brazilian model found in what happened Tender material, as she later recorded that “Heaven will be her share now.”


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