FBI warns of the danger of confrontations between extremist groups in the United States

The US Federal Police have expressed concern about the possibility of violent confrontations between extremist groups as the US presidential elections on November 3 approaches.

The Director of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Christopher Ray said during a session before Congress that his agency was monitoring armed groups that clashed on the sidelines of anti-racism demonstrations in Portland in the northwestern United States and in Kenosha near the Great Lakes region.

We have groups that adopt opposing views that increase the risk of the situation. We have spotted this in several cities. This is something that worries me, “he told US representatives.

Individuals from far-right groups and “anti-fascist” activists infiltrated among protesters demanding police reform and an end to racism in the United States. And there were deaths as a result.

The oldest seventeen-year-old man who joined armed groups claiming to defend Kenosha from “rioters” killed two anti-racism protesters at the end of August.

In Portland, an “anti-fascist” person claimed to have killed a supporter of a local right-wing extremist group, before being arrested by the police.


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