American chief infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci

The chief infectious disease expert in the United States, Anthony Fauci, said that US President Donald Trump “is responding very well” with his treatment for Corona after his discharge from the hospital.

Fauci added in an interview with the Italian “Sky News 24”: “We certainly hope for a full recovery for President Trump, but we must remember well when looking at cases of Covid-19 that those infected, even after many days of feeling better, remain vulnerable to deterioration of their conditions. And they get into trouble. ”

He continued: “I do not think that this will happen with President Donald Trump, but I think that caution should be exercised and closely followed. Looking at his condition now, he appears to be responding well and we all hope that he continues to improve steadily and to recover completely.”

Trump announced that he had been infected with the Coronavirus last Friday morning, days after an aide was infected with him at the White House.

And improved health of the US President recently, after receiving treatment at the “Walter Reed” Military Medical Center.


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