Trump and Biden during the debate yesterday

Yesterday’s debate between the Republican, the incumbent President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his Democratic opponent, John Biden, was normal. Some observers said the two sides exchanged insults publicly in a sharp drop in the level of discussion. The two sides exchanged accusations, some of which were not true at times.

Here are five information, or accusations, that were made during the discussion that was not true, in several areas.

The death toll from Covid-19

During their first debate, Trump said that the death toll from the Coronavirus would have been much greater if Biden had been president because Biden did not want to prevent arrivals from China from entering the United States.

According to several news agencies, including AFP and the Associated Press, this claim is false. Biden has never opposed restrictions on travelers from China to the United States, although he is “a bit late” in supporting them.

Biden, of course, has never demanded that the borders be left “fully open” in response to the spread of the pandemic.

Police support

The Portland demonstrations, the “racial justice” demonstrations, gained an important space for discussion, as the city witnessed frequent clashes between police and protesters.

Since the murder of George Floyd, racial justice has become an important debate, informational, and election material.

While the demonstrators threw stones and other projectiles at police officers in Oregon (Portland), they resorted to using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the demonstrators.

Speaking of receiving support from city officials in an effort to justify the violence so that it is not said to justify it, Trump said that senior police officer Mike Russey supported him.

This is a mistake. First quickly denied this on Twitter, saying, “I have never supported Trump and I will never support him.”

Decline in jobs

Biden said that Trump would “be” the first American president during his presidency to lose Americans to this degree and this is a mistake. This is because if Trump loses the election, he will not be the first president “to lose his jobs.”

It happened during the reign of Herbert Hoover (1229-1933), who lost the presidential election to Franklin Roosevelt in 1932, as the Great Depression led to a heavy loss in the jobs sector.

Elections by mail

Trump described the election by mail as “rigged” during yesterday’s debate. He said that the results may wait months before they are released and added: “There will be a fraud in a way that you have not seen before.”

Experts believe that Trump is exaggerating and argue that a certain strategy is being pursued, by “amplifying threats” not only during yesterday’s discussion but also for several months. Even the director of the FBI, Chris Ray, said last week that the bureau had never seen nationally coordinated fraud in the major election, regardless of the form of the ballot (mailed or otherwise).

Swine flu

Trump accused Biden of not doing enough on swine flu. The epidemic that spread in 2009 killed many Americans, fewer than Covid-19, of course, and Trump often spreads misinformation about it.

Although Biden was Vice President Barack Obama at the time and was not responsible for taking any health measures at the federal level, the Obama administration’s response to the pandemic at the time was much faster than Trump’s response to Covid-19.

In 2009, a state of emergency was declared, just two weeks after the spread of the epidemic that led to the death of about 12,500 people, while it was declared 7 weeks after its spread in 2020.


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