At Facebook's corporate headquarters - California
At Facebook’s corporate headquarters – California

Facebook has been preparing a file for months to launch prosecutions against Apple because of what it sees as anti-competitive practices, according to The Information, in light of the escalating tension between the iPhone manufacturer and several major companies.

“The Information” reported Thursday that the giant social network used a law office to prepare a file accusing “Apple” of “using its power in the smartphone market to force application developers to follow the rules of its online store for applications (App Store) without being applied to Apple applications.”

And will force the latest update “Apple” this year for its operating system “iOS”, application developers to show transparency in the collection or use of personal data for users.

The new rules also require apps to request user permission to track their trail across the network, an essential feature of ad targeting.

But application developers, from social networks to video games, to e-commerce, entertainment, and professional services, have no choice but to go through the Apple e-store, to reach hundreds of millions of users with iPhones and iPads.

A Facebook spokesperson commented to AFP on this information, explaining, “As we have said repeatedly in the past, we think that Apple is acting in an anti-competitive way by using its control over the App Store to increase its profits at the expense of small developers and companies.” He did not confirm the preparation of a lawsuit in this context.

“Apple has full interest in exploiting its dominant position to interfere in the way our and other applications work. They do so constantly, by granting concessions to their services at the expense of the growth of millions of companies,” Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg said in recent hours while presenting the network’s quarterly results to analysts. In the world”.

He pointed out that “the changes made to the” iOS 14 “system mean that many small and medium companies will not be able to target their customers through ads adapted to them. Apple can say that they are doing this to help people, but it clearly serves their interest.”

And Zuckerberg appears to be treating Apple as one of his “biggest adversaries.”

For his part, Tim Cook, President of “Apple”, during a press conference in Brussels on Thursday about the confidentiality of data, carried it to “Facebook” without naming it, denouncing “conspiracy theories fueled by algorithms,” according to statements reported by the American press.

“We cannot overlook the theory that all electronic interactions are good and should last for the longest time,” Cook said, adding, “If a company builds its foundations on its ability to cheat users and exploit data and options that do not really give any choice, it does not deserve praise from us. Contempt. ”

The economic model of major digital platforms such as Facebook and Google relies on free services and targeted advertising targeting at a very large scale. As for Apple, its Silicon Valley neighbor, it derives its revenue from sales of electronic devices as well as from subscription-based electronic services (including storage and music services).

Facebook is not alone in a confrontation with “Apple”, as several companies have been taking the latter for years since they have collected a large commission of up to 30% on the financial operations that their users make through the App Store.

Epic Games, the developer of the popular video game Fortnite, tried to circumvent the built-in payment system in IOS, but Apple banned this application through its devices until the summer of 2021. This issue is still the subject of an ongoing trial.

Apple did not respond to Agence France-Presse’s attempt to clarify its opinion on the case. It consistently affirms its concern for data privacy, saying that the commission it charges is equal to that of other platforms, including Google’s application store, and is necessary to ensure the safety of financial operations.

The American authorities accuse most of the giant technology groups of exploiting their dominant position in several sectors. There are currently ongoing prosecutions against “Google” and “Facebook”.

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