Facebook corporate headquarters in Menlo Park, California, United States.

Andy Stone, a spokesman for the Facebook platform, said in a statement released Wednesday that an advertisement by US President Donald Trump, claiming that Biden’s policies, the Democratic candidate, will increase asylum seekers from Syria, Somalia, and Yemen by “700%, which will increase the risk of Americans contracting the virus.” The new Corona.

“We reject this announcement because we do not allow the publication of claims that a person’s physical safety, health, or survival is threatened by individuals based on their ethnicity or immigration status,” Stone said in the statement.

Social media platforms and publishing rules

The move comes as social media platforms prepare for an intense period of surveillance until the US presidential election in November.

And the Facebook platform announced last week that it would stop allowing any political ads a week before Election Day, and it would not allow advertisements to be published announcing victory prematurely.

“We will also not allow ads that contain content that seeks to delegitimize the election results … this includes describing the voting method as fraudulent, or using isolated incidents of voter fraud,” said Rob Leathern, a Facebook official in a series of tweets.

Twitter said it removed 130 accounts that were “trying to disrupt the public debate” on Tuesday. The company said it acted based on information provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)


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