Emma Roberts
Emma Roberts
Hollywood star Emma Roberts has been doing her life in a routine that matches as her pregnancy progresses.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, American actress Emma Roberts appeared in a natural look in her latest public appearance on the streets of Los Angeles, which was taken by paparazzi lenses. And her fine hair falling all over her shoulders.

Emma Roberts was “30 years old” after hiding her pregnancy in the first months, her mother was the one who preceded her to announce it and reveal it spontaneously by mistake, which forced Emma to admit it and reveal it too before the appropriate time that she and her partner Garrett Hedlund think of her first pregnancy with her first child.

Emma Roberts recently came to the attention of revealing the progress of her pregnancy by publishing a cover on the international magazine “Cosmopolitan”, which she published on her account on the social networking site “Instagram”, which is followed by 14 million and 600 thousand people around the world.

According to the “Hola” website, Emma Roberts explained in her interview: “Today, some people still do not accept that I am an adult woman,” and continued: “It is funny because I think that people to this day think that I am 19 years old, despite I am 30 years old, I don’t know if it’s because they saw me older as Julia Roberts’s niece, and because they’ve been seeing me what I do since I was very young, so they kept seeing me younger.

She made an effort and made plans to get pregnant

Emma Roberts is showing signs of pregnancy
Emma Roberts is showing signs of pregnancy

Emma Roberts, the niece of the world star, Julia Roberts, is preparing for the most important role in her whole life, which is the natural role of motherhood, and she revealed in the same interview that she made an effort and made plans for pregnancy, and because of the lack of appropriate diagnosis of the endometrium, which she suffered for years, and she felt disturbances and contractions since she was in school, At the end of her twenty years of age, she thought that it would affect her fertility, so she froze her eggs before she conceived naturally, and she learned from this pregnancy that the only plan that a woman can follow for pregnancy is not to follow a plan, meaning that if God wants her to conceive, she will get pregnant.

I suddenly got pregnant when I stopped worrying

Emma Roberts is pregnant and walking around with a muzzle
Emma Roberts is pregnant and walking around with a muzzle

She said, “Since I stopped worrying and thinking about pregnancy, I got pregnant suddenly, I didn’t want to raise my hopes, things can go wrong when you are pregnant. This pregnancy made me realize that the only plan you can follow is that there is no plan for something that you don’t really see.” “.

Emma Roberts confirmed that she is in good health, which is most grateful to him, and she very much enjoys her pregnancy and the exercise of self-care for herself and her fetus.

Emma Roberts said: “Seeing a contemplation of my body changes radically inside and out, surprising and beautiful.”


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