Ivanka Trump's residence in Washington DC
Ivanka Trump’s residence in Washington DC

Members of the Washington Secret Service used to guard the homes where senior officials resided, in anticipation of any danger. Safety was their biggest concern in the past, but they found themselves with a new challenge when they took over the protection of the daughter of the US president and his advisor, Ivanka, along with her husband, Jared Kushner.

According to the American “Washington Post” newspaper, the Secret Service agents found themselves in trouble, because they were instructed not to use any of the bathrooms in the home of the prominent family close to the president.

There are six bathrooms in Ivanka and Kushner’s residence, which reach an area of ​​464 square meters, in addition to five toilets, which means that the entry of service personnel into the house would not have been a great inconvenience.

Members of the Secret Service can usually reach private places in the guarded house, such as the swimming pool or the bathroom and the bedroom because the most important goal is to prevent any imminent danger to the senior official who is subject to protection, which is a danger that may lurk from anywhere.

Secret protection agents spent months searching for reliable and safe bathrooms that they could use while carrying out their duties, neighbors, and law enforcement officials confirmed.

Secret Service members resorted to mobile bathrooms in the place, which did not please the neighbors, along with bathrooms in the house of former President Barack Obama, in addition to the house of Vice President Mike Pence, which is somewhat far from the residence of Ivanka and Kushner.

Ultimately, the Secret Service found what they called their own bathroom, but one that had to be paid $ 3,000 a month by the federal government.

The American newspaper pointed out that the allocation of this paid bathroom to the Secret Protection agents has cost nearly $ 100,000 so far, an amount that was paid from the pockets of taxpayers.

A solution to the dilemma of the bathroom was found, by renting a small studio apartment for 3,000 dollars a month, so that the Secret Protection agents resort to them to relieve themselves.

However, there were conflicting reports about the bathroom dilemma, according to “The Washington Post”. While some said that the protection agents had decided not to use the toilets in the house, on their own initiative, a US law enforcement official stated that the family had requested this.

In the meantime, a spokesman for the Secret Service, refused to comment on the news, saying that the agency does not speak or discuss the means, resources, and methods used to secure its mission represented in protection.


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