Earth is on a date with the phenomenon of hundreds of meteors falling

Planet Earth will reach its closest point in its orbit around the sun on Saturday when Earth will be approximately 147 million kilometers from the sun.

The Earth will witness the phenomenon of hundreds of stars falling on the eve of tomorrow, January 2, and about 110 meteors will fall per hour, equivalent to 1-2 meteors per minute.

For their part, experts confirmed that the phenomenon will become more pronounced after midnight on January 2 to 3.

Astronomers told: “Starfall gains intensity in the second half of the night. The vision is not good – the moon that is still close to the full moon, will prevent you from enjoying the view of falling stars because it will shine over the southeast horizon all night.”

According to scientists, during the year 2021, the world is witnessing several exciting astronomical phenomena, foremost of which is the “bloody moon” phenomenon on May 26th and this time coinciding with the moon being at its closest point to the Earth, where it will appear larger and brighter, or what is known as “Super Moon” And the “annular eclipse” phenomenon during the early morning hours of June 10.


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