Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

The most psychologically strong are people who live their lives normally, but within the restrictions of precautionary measures with their families, to resist fear and distrust of the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic across the country, and the famous American athlete and movie star Dwayne Johnson does this and more, especially after his recovery and his family members from a previous infection with the virus Corona.

He and his family only celebrated his daughter Jasmine’s birthday with touching attention

Retired wrestler and American actor Dwayne Johnson, famous for the Rock, who is “48 years old”, who ranked tenth as the highest-earning celebrity with an annual gain of $ 5.87 million, lives in a state of happiness and success by constantly leading the lists of celebrities and the interests of Americans and millions of his followers around the world Especially because he is the most followed American man on social media, as the number of his followers in late 2020 reached 207 million followers in the United States and the world.
His celebration with his family only on the birthday of his daughter, Jasmine V, received impressive attention from his followers on the occasion of the completion of his fifth year, as Dwayne Johnson, 48, posted a video clip on Thursday, December 16, on his account on the social networking site “Instagram”, Holding a cake showing the presence of his family, and his mother, Ata Johnson, happily playing a little guitar on her granddaughter Jasmine’s birthday, and Dwayne Johnson Sr. commented on the video with a touching message, saying: “Jazzy is five years old today, we had to have a few birthday celebrations. To our children due to the Coronavirus this year. ”
He added, “But our love will always be the strongest thing in this family, in the end, that’s all that really matters. Happy Birthday, Jazzy. One day after many years from now, you’ll see what I see..we love you.”

“Jazzy turned 5yrs old today and this Lil’ tornado has no idea how much she and her baby sister anchors our soul. Like all of you families…”

The video clip of Jasmine’s 5th birthday has garnered 6.3 million likes within two days.


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