Donald Trump’s Twitter account
The BBC confirmed, on Friday, that the Dutch police have interrogated the Dutch security researcher, Victor Jeffers, who claimed that he had “hacked” the account of US President Donald Trump, on “Twitter”.

Earlier, electronic investigator Victor Jeffers indicated that he was able to access Trump’s Twitter account, by guessing his password last month.

He confirmed that he used the password “MAGA2020!” To enter the account, and that he succeeded, while the White House denied that this happened.

Twitter responded to Jeffers, saying that the latter had no evidence of a hack.

The BBC noted that Jeffers has now revealed more information to support his allegations, and said for the first time, as part of a police questioning, that he had “evidence of a breach, much more than he had previously announced.”

Jeffers has only revealed a little about the information he has so far, but by logging into someone’s “Twitter” account, someone will theoretically be able to see and send private messages, know the tweets that the user has bookmarked in particular, and access information, Like the number of people the account holder has blocked, he will even be able to download an archive of all user data, including photos and messages, according to the BBC.

A spokesperson for the Dutch Public Prosecution Office told the newspaper “De Volkskrant” that the Dutch authorities “are currently investigating whether there is a criminal matter,” adding that their investigation was “an independent Dutch investigation, and not based on an American request for legal aid.”

Police told the BBC that the High Tech Crime Team had questioned Jeffers as a witness, and he was not yet a suspect.

For Jeffers to face a sentence, the police must first prove the breach, and if prosecutors consider Jeffers’ actions illegal and outside the field of cybersecurity research, he faces up to four years in prison, according to a BBC report.


Source: “BBC”


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