Donald Trump to his supporters from the White House balcony

US President Donald Trump appeared, without a muzzle, to hundreds of his supporters on Saturday, at his first public event since being infected with Covid-19, saying from the balcony of the White House: “I feel in wonderful condition ”.

“I want you to know that our country will defeat this terrible Chinese virus,” he said, as he was cheered by hundreds of supporters, most of whom wore masks but did not engage much in social distancing during the of the outdoor event.

Speaking of the virus that has killed more than 210,000 people in the United States and damaged his chances of winning a second term in the November 3 election, he added: “It will go away, it will go away.”

“Get out there and vote. I love you!” Trump said, addressing his supporters, many of whom wore red hats bearing his favorite slogan “Let’s make America great again” while chanting “four years older” during his 18-minute law and order-focused speech.

Trump, who was forced to suspend electoral activities after confirming he had COVID-19 nine days ago, should prepare the days to resume his campaign.

The White House event at the White House on Saturday sets the stage for the first upcoming election rally in Florida on Monday, which is very important to the polls given they are between “swing” states, that is, those whose loyalty between the Republican and Democratic parties changes from one election to the next.

His Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, called the president’s activities “reckless”, fearing that the master of the White House could yet transmit the infection.

But the Trump campaign team announced two more rallies next week, in Pennsylvania on Tuesday and in Iowa on Wednesday.

The issue of widespread discontent with his handling of the Covid-19 crisis has come back to the fore because of his injury, at a time when the number of injured is increasing across the country.

Trump, who trails his Democratic opponent Biden by nearly 10 points in national polls, insists the polls are flawed and is looking to restart his campaign less than four weeks before the polls.


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