meghan markle
Meghan Markle
Although many months have passed since the royal duo Prince Harry and his wife, the retired actress Meghan Markle, left Britain, they are still preoccupying the world and writers with their news and plans to achieve their own personal and financial independence far from the British royal family, and millions see what will happen to them in the United States.

Some observers noticed that Meghan Markle became happier and freer, and was able to speak as much as she wanted about politics.
British historian and biographer Sean Smith revealed to the British newspaper “Daily Express” that the former actress, Duchess of Sussex, “39-year-old,” wife of Prince Harry, “36,” could be a wonderful president of the United States of America And with similar popularity to former President Ronald Reagan, who is considered one of the most popular American presidents, and as an ideal figure for the American political milieu.

Sean Smith added: Meghan Markle may actually be targeting the White House, after the many political statements she made recently, since her move with her husband to the United States and their retirement from royal life, late last March of this year.

Prince Harry encourages his wife’s political ambition

Prince Harry Doing and Meghan Markle

In his speech, Shawn indicated that there is a lot of speculation in Britain and the United States of America that Meghan Markle is seeking to play a greater political role in the coming period, with the encouragement of Prince Harry, despite their agreement with the British royal family not to participate in political activities in the name of the royal family, in exchange for They retained their royal titles, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but without using their royal titles and their royal accounts in the media for the benefit of their own business.

Her character is strong and able to fulfill her ambition

British historian Sean Smith considered that Meghan Markle has a strong and intelligent personality, and “expresses the emotions that many people also feel very well,” so she can run into politics in the United States like Michelle Obama, wife of former US President Barack Obama, and also Kamala Harris, who is participating in the current US vice-presidential election alongside Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

And I think she can go from just a celebrity to a public figure. I want to see her follow in the footsteps of the great ladies Michelle Obama and the gorgeous Kamala Harris.

He added, “I don’t understand why she can’t because she’s an actress? It’s not uncommon for actors to enter politics, they all know: Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Clint Eastwood, she shouldn’t be downsized because she’s an actress, I think she’d be really cool at that.”

He said that there would be absolutely nothing wrong with Meghan entering politics, urging the British to leave her alone, commenting: “She is not a working member of the British royal family, she is an American citizen and woman.”

Meghan Markle’s spokesperson indicated that she will continue to discuss politics publicly in the future.

It is noteworthy that the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry stressed in a special speech broadcasted in a video clip on the importance of voting and participating in the US presidential elections, and rejecting the speech of racism and hatred.


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