The discovery of a new strain of Coronavirus in Britain, which is believed to be faster

A new strain of the Coronavirus that causes “Covid 19” was discovered in the United Kingdom, which is believed to be the cause of the rapid spread of infection in the southeast of England, coinciding with the tightening of restrictions on millions of people in London.

British Health Minister Matt Hancock said that cases of the new strain had been found in nearly 60 regions, yet he stressed that clinical advice indicates that it is “unlikely” that this mutation will not respond to the vaccine, according to the “Guardian” newspaper.

In a briefing to the House of Commons, today, Monday, Hancock told lawmakers: “Over the past few days, thanks to our world-class ability in genetics, we have identified a new type of Coronavirus that may be linked to the fastest spreading in the southeast of England.”

This came at a time when the minister confirmed that

  The capital, as well as most of Essex and parts of Hertfordshire, will enter the third level of restrictions from Wednesday after an “exponential” rise in cases.

For his part, Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer in England, said today that there is no evidence that the new type of Coronavirus that was identified in England causes worse or different symptoms.

He added: “There are many strains. It happens that this type has more mutations than some other strains, and for this reason, we took the matter very seriously,” according to “Reuters” agency.

He explained during a press conference, that there is no indication that the symptoms are different for this strain, or that the test process or clinical results are different.


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