The Disappeared Young Man Kim Han Seul
The Disappeared Young Man Kim Han Seul
The American newspaper “The New Yorker” said that Kim Han Seul, the nephew of the North Korean leader, disappeared from sight sometime after his father was assassinated at Kuala Lumpur Airport in Malaysia in 2017 with nerve gas.

Suki Kim, the author of the article “The Underground Movement Trying to Overthrow the North Korean Government,” who is American of Korean origin, added that his sources confirmed that the 25-year-old Kim Han Sol, aged 25, had escorted him to the CIA agents who intercepted him in the city of Taipei, Taiwan. Accompanying his mother to an unknown safe place. The CIA declined to comment on this information, adds the author of the “The New Yorker” article.

Kim Han Seul escaped dissidents from Pyong Yong from Macau, the newspaper adds, following the assassination of his father to save him from a fate similar to that of his father, while his last appearance on social media was in a short video a few weeks after this assassination.

The nephew of the North Korean leader was known for his great wealth and rebellion, and he published texts on social media sites criticizing his uncle and his country’s regime, considering that his grandfather Kim Il Sung and his son, the current ruler of the country, imposed on the North Korean people a difficult life for which he feels guilt.

Source: American and British media


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