Did Taylor Swift Secretly Marry?
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

American singer Taylor Swift, “30,” has a popular interest in her and her private life, not just her artistic activity.

The interest in her private life competes with the interest in her artistic and professional life, and it even arouses the curiosity of hundreds of millions of her fans.

According to various media outlets, the “30-year-old American singer Taylor Swift” has aroused the curiosity of millions of her followers and fans about her emotional relationship with the young actor, “Joe Alwyn” 29 years old, who said earlier last year, that he is enjoying He is happy when he inspires his sweetheart Taylor to write and sing romantic songs about him, and some are quick to speculate that she has secretly married him.

Reason to speculate Taylor Swift’s marriage in secret: her new album

What prompted Swift’s fans to secretly speculate about her marriage: She posted a photo of her wearing a dress similar to a wedding dress, through which she announced the release of her ninth new album in her artistic and professional career: “Evermore”, which she released shortly after releasing her eighth previous album, “Folklore”.

Could she have a secret daughter, too?

It is noteworthy that Taylor Swift has been dating her lover “Joe Alwyn” since the summer of 2016 so that some fans have indicated that they will not be surprised if they have a secret daughter called “Willow”, after one of her previous songs, is it possible that this speculation is true, or is it just a fan wish or very fanciful speculation?

She surprised her fans with her ninth album as a holiday gift to him

Taylor Swift, according to CNN, had launched a surprise album for everyone near Christmas, the Christmas season, and New Year’s Day, which was her ninth album, and announced its launch Thursday 10 December 2020, through her account on the communication site The social “Twitter”, in which 87 million and 700 thousand people follow her around the world, with a special post that she directed to her fans, in which she said: “I am pleased to announce that my ninth studio album, and his brother,” Folklore “album, are a record. They will be released at midnight, and the new album will be called: Evermore.

Fans have shared on social media the song list for her new ninth album “Evermore”, including a special song called “Closure.”

After announcing the release of her new ninth album, “Ever More”, Taylor made it clear that she could not stop working, writing songs, and trying to make her more poetic and beautiful.

Taylor Swift’s release of two albums in light of the ongoing pandemic of the Coronavirus shows her creative strength and her wonderful psychological immunity that makes her continue her artistic and social contributions even in light of the difficult health, psychological and economic conditions that the world faces due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.


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