Coronavirus began to spread in mink farms.
Mink farms
The Danish government imposed a quarantine on about 250,000 citizens living in the north of the country, today, Friday, as a new (mutated) type of Coronavirus began to spread in mink farms.

The Danes raise those animals that grow to the family of bridesmaids (weasels) and trade in their luxurious fur, but the government issued a decision yesterday to kill 17 million of them due to Covid-19.

There are 1139 of your farms in Denmark, and so the government has repeatedly asked citizens to undergo a corona test.
The Friday closure imposed on 280,000 citizens comes as a comprehensive one, as transportation, sports, and cultural activities have stopped, and the land borders between the regions are closed, and only those who work in “critical sectors” (which cannot be dispensed with) are allowed to leave.

From today, schools close their doors, and lessons will continue online. Bars and restaurants will also close their doors.

Health Minister Magnus Honke announced that 12 people had been infected with the mutated Coronavirus, 11 of them in northern Denmark, and one in the west of the country.

Since last month, Denmark began culling millions of mink animals, while reports spread indicating that the epidemic had spread to about 216 farms out of 1139 located across the country.


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