David Beckham and Victoria
David Beckham and Victoria
David Beckham, “45” and his wife, ex-Spurs singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, may face a boisterous Christmas, full of construction work as neighbors begin renovation work next to their £ 31m London home.
Failed blocking attempt

David and Victoria have previously tried to prevent construction work in the building next to their lavish mansion, claiming that it might violate their privacy and claiming that it would disturb the uniqueness of their distinctive home, according to MVTV.
The local council has now approved the project, which means David and Victoria could experience up to 10 hours of construction noise per day.
Neighbors started work on building a new interior and slate roof with ceiling lighting and an all-new outdoor space.
Scaffolding has been suspended in the neighbors’ property since last September, with a permit with workers requiring them to work from eight in the morning until six in the evening.
There was no problem as the Beckhams spent the entire period of lockdown at their luxury country home in the “Cotswolds” but had recently returned to London.
The famous duo, David and Victoria Beckham, declined to comment when a Mail Online representative contacted them.

Buckingham Palace II

David and Victoria Beckham bought their home in Holland Park, west London, in September 2013, which was called Beckingham Palace II.
While the “Harris Mews” property, which is much smaller than the larger “Beckham” Palace, according to British land records, is located directly behind David and Victoria Beckham’s Palace, and its owner Edward Harris bought it for one million and 900 thousand pounds in November-November 2019.

David Beckham Palace Architectural Secret

The secret of the uniqueness and distinction of the palace of former England football team captain David Beckham is its ancient architectural history, as his ancient classic palace was built in the mid-nineteenth century, and includes 7 bedrooms, a gymnasium, a cinema room, a games room, and a spa room, and the seventh room was transformed. To a dressing room and dressing room for David and Victoria.
And resides in the same area a number of famous people, including Robbie Williams and Alton John.



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